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Thank You

It goes without saying that we couldn't do the work we do without our trusted, passionate and loyal group of volunteers. Your enthusiasm and drive makes us better leaders, and for that and so much more, we thank you! 

Board of Directors
Paul Rabb, Chair
Tony Denison ‘01, Vice Chair
David Beaudoin, Treasurer
Jason Boutcher
Jackie Lauer
Beisan Zubi


Finance Committee
Tony Denison ‘01
David Beaudoin
Norma Pivotto
Diane Wiles ‘02


Governance Committee
Paul Rabb - Chair
David Beaudoin
Jason Boutcher
Diane Wiles ‘02


Recruitment Committee
Tony Denison ‘01 – Chair
Paul Rabb
Jackie Lauer
Diane Wiles ‘02

Program Curriculum Advisory Team

Dr. Sean Geobey

Jim Clemmer

Karen Coviello

Kathy Must ‘08

Linda Rodrigues

Nancy Bird ‘09

Leadership Gala Volunteers

Tahira Bilal-Asim 
Tony Denison ‘01
Todd Harris 
Sarah Kelly ‘19
Dianne Llewellyn 
Priya Mehta ‘09
Sharlene Mohlman 
Paul Rabb
Caitlin Smith ‘17
Nik Vidojevic
Jackson Wiles-Harris
Macy Wiles-Harris


Program Selection Committee
Liane Barefoot ‘13
Chief Bryan Larkin ‘04
Sue Lockett ‘11
Brent Mayled ‘11
Joanne McQuiggan ‘03
Colin Mickie ‘11
Colleen Sargeant '17
Art Sinclair
Caitlin Smith '17
Sherri Sutherland '03
Dave Thomas '15
Councillor Angela Vieth '03
Karin Voisin
Steve Wittal '10

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