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Board of Directors

Jackie Lauer, David Beaudoin, Diane Wiles, Paul Rabb, Beisan Zubi, Jason Boutcher, Tony Denison

Leadership Waterloo Region Board of Directors - 2019-2020

Back: Jackie Lauer, David Beaudoin (Treasurer), Diane Wiles (CEO),

Middle: Beisan Zubi, Jason Boutcher

Front: Paul Rabb (Chair) and Tony Denison (Vice-Chair)

A message from our Chair

Over the last year the Board experienced and participated in an incredible number of changes. Foremost the year witnessed the launch of our revamped Core Program.  Our Community Leadership Development Program is the successful outcome of the tireless efforts of our staff, volunteers and community partners. 

Another highlight was when our new Board members joined myself, our Vice Chair and CEO at Capacity Canada’s Governance Boot Camp.  This highly respected governance program, educates and provides guidance to Directors in order to meet the demands and responsibilities of their positions.  Our participation is a reflection of our commitment to great board governance.  As part of that commitment, we have worked diligently to create an open and inclusive Board culture.

This past March, our Board and Staff came together under the guidance of Jim Clemmer to hold a Strategic Planning session.  Jim is an author of seven best selling leadership books and his practical leadership approaches have “been inspiring action and achieving results across the globe.”  The Board built on that strategic planning session, working with staff, community stakeholders and our community supporters, to re-envision the Vision, Mission and Values of Leadership Waterloo Region.  We believe that these efforts respect our past while creating a reinforced foundation on which to move Leadership Waterloo into the future, helping to build a vibrant, resilient and inclusive community.


Paul Rabb, Board Chair - 2018-2020

No leader left behind.

Consider a bursary donation to support BIPOC leaders join our class of 2022!.

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